1. Anti-microbial,
2. Anti-septic,
3. Anti-fungal,
4. Anti-rheumatic and
5. Anti-oxidant


    • Infections from: Parasites (single and multi-celled), Bacterial, Viral and Fungal. Candida Yeast Infections, Thrush and Chronic Fatigue.
    • Oral Infections: Tooth Plaque, Gum Disorders, Breath Freshener and Mouthwash. Colds and Flu, Sore Throats, Strep Throat, Ear Inflammation / Pain, Gassiness, Sinusitis and much more!
    • Acne, Athletes Foot, Nail Fungus Infections.
    •  Skin Infections: Fungal / Bacterial / Parasitic / Viral / Ringworm, Cuts / Wounds. Warts, Poison Ivy/Poison Oak, Rashes, Jock Itch, Shaving Itch, Dandruff, Cold Sores / Herpes, Head Lice, Chickenpox, Cracked Lips, Toothbrush Cleaning and much more!

Spray 5 in a highly effective and fast acting against the enemy that attacks the body.

PRICE: 1 bottle – RM135 (60ml)

Questions and answers on NEIBAC5 ™
Do NEIBAC5 ™ poisonous?
Non-toxic and can be sprayed into the food or drink to stop certain bacteria and germs harmful to my health.

What materials are contained in NEIBAC5 ™?
Neibac5 extracted from several types of Citrus Fruits. Many benefits and advantages derived from this Citrus fruit where it can help all of us from diseases caused by infections involving bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites that make us weak and vulnerable to disease.

Do NEIBAC5 ™ has been studied by the world famous scientists?
Many well-known study from several institutions in several developed countries, especially USA has shown that the active ingredient NEIBAC5 ™ is very effective to stop the hundreds of types of bacteria from multiplying and dangerous fungi as well as directly when sprayed.

What are the motives of the Company Nuorico NEIBAC5 ™ to open markets in Malaysia and around the world?
Because of the highly efficient and widespread use, the Company Nuorico USA and Malaysia agreed to open world markets and thus help those in need both in terms of health or business opportunity to those interested. This product is very unique and special with a great formula because it works faster and faster without any harmful side effects to the user. The price was very reasonable and affordable to all types of people. NEIBAC5 ™ is a highly potential products seseiapa just the ones that want to invest to do business.

Use NEIBAC5 ™:

Sore throat / tonsils / cough / gums / teeth pain due to bacteria / smoking / mouth ulcer / mouth cancer / teething children / prevent plaque / bad breath / lip broken / dry lips / mouth in Candida infections / candida infection on tongue and whatever wounds in the mouth can be sprayed with Neibac5.
How to use it can be seen in note below: mouth ulcers


Problem keputihan/gatal2/luka/membersihkannya off any bacteria / dirt / rash / cycst (Bartholin’s Cycst) / herpes simplex / Genetal warts / infections candida / pelvic cancer / diaper rash / melecir / after shave / soft erection penis / penile infections / Jock Itch penis / Ringworm / vaginal parasites / sexually transmitted disease (STD) / vaginal prolapse / vulval irritation / vaginal odor and what I relate with fungus or bacteria, blh used.

Spray the place I divided my infection or discomfort. Can see how to use them more effectively under: TREATING discharge problem
* Very good for women after childbirth.

More effective ways to practice NEIBAC5 ™:
Lighten / smooth / tighten / clean / smooth / reduce pigmentation / promote a healthier skin radiance / after shaving his mustache or beard, and no bacterial or fungal infection.

Spray 1 or 2 times a day and rub with fingers until NEIBAC5 perlahan2 ™ kedlm absorb your skin. Within about 2 to 3 weeks you will look radiant and elegant. Not recommended for sensitive skin.

* Spray NEIBAC5 ™ into your face to lighten the skin as you are young, because when we age increased, the production of melanin in the body is increased, it is happening because our hormones are not stable and it makes our skin simply looked dull, dull and darker than the original when we still young. Neibac5 called Citrus extract is very effective in reducing melanin pengeluarkan this.

Spray 2 or 3 times for a day x number of spray – the time of infection.
1 times a day x number of spray – normal time
Vaginal douche is also encouraged but not too often make vaginal Douche.
Very good practice for women in menstruation or childbirth.
TIP: Reduce sugar and bread or a meal containing fungi when infected with bacteria and fungus Candida.

To cure the wounds, spray some into a spray Neibac5 tablespoons olive oil, rub it on a wound with cotton, about 2-3 times a day.
Leave this cotton in place of injured overnight and pain and use it every time you see the water can be formed.

One of the many, many uses of this citrus extracts are included treating skin diseases and other diseases associated with bacteria.
Similarly NEIBAC5 ™ acts directly contact with Candida fungi (skin infection), its effectiveness is very impressive.
Spray some spray an infected place, rub until it is absorbed into the skin and repeat 3 or 4 times a day. If you use more than 3 or 4 times a day is better I will not do harm if we first sampinyan Use common use only the impact on our pocket.

For mouth ulcers, spray 1 or 2 times directly to the ulcer is of 3 or 4 times daily or every catfish before eating.
You can also spray NEIBAC5 ™ using a clean cotton ball and rub or align the place ulcers (very suitable for children who do not like it quite a bit chelate).

Spray 2-3 sprays into the mouth NEIBAC5 ™ directly into the throat, let a moment before swallowing it slowly.
Do 3 to 4 times a day, and God willing it will cure and relieve the pains caused by bacteria that attack your throat.
Or you can also gargle with – 7 Neibac5 yangdicampur spray in 1 / 2 cup warm water, 5 or 6 times a day will cure your sore throat or tonsillitis, especially in children because they are difficult to spray directly into mouth.
Gargle water had to be taken and will not harm you.

NEIBAC5 ™ can be used for the treatment of sinus infection. The best way … you need to rinse your nose to this problem.

Here’s how:
Take 1 / 2 cup warm water and add 10 NEIBAC5 ™ spray.
The mixture should be smooth.
Now take a Pipette, titikkan 2-3 drops into both nostrils, tilt the head up and back while doing so.
Maintain the same diposisi for a minute or more.
Now move your head back and forth in front / rear and then from side to side.
Now inhale with caution in a few times and blow out your nose gently.
This method can also be used for problems such as colds / acne in nasal / wound divided the nose / nasal congestion / infection in the nose.

Chapped lips treatment by spraying with a pengcernaan few teaspoons of olive oil that is edible and practiced 5-6 times a day. Your lips would remain radiant and healthy.

Acne caused by bacterial infection
Neibac5 Spray 2 or 3 times a day on your pimples and let it dry by itself.

Washing and refreshing food NEIBAC5 ™
Rinse fruits, vegetables Neibac5 will help to eradicate dust mites and germs and menyegarkannya again.
Spray into the food and drink to stop any bacteria that are multiply freely.

Cleaning it up:
Spray on a difficult husband and wife before or after intercourse is very good. It gives more confidence and satisfaction to both parties because there is no doubt the problem be clean and no unpleasant odors.

Can also be sprayed on the underarm to avoid unpleasant odors.
Hongkong Foot – Foot with a very foul odor and itching. Is easy enough to deal with this problem is by soaking your feet in water containing Neibac5 for 20 -30 minutes. Mix 12 cups of water with 15 times the spray NEIBAC5 ™.

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