With changing dietary fashions, the current trend of community emphasis on high fiber foods. We hereby recommend you the fiber drink as a supplement. Fiber is the indigestible portion of plant foods that pushes food through the digestive system, absorbing water and easing defecation

Supplement of natural plat extract, contain abundant of nutrients which have vigorous functions in cleansing and detoxifying internal body organs especially intestines and also helps to clear wastes and toxin in the intestinal mechanism to promote total body health.

Main ingredients:
Psyllium husk, Oat fiber, Inulin(Prebiotic), Vegetable & fruits powder, Digestive enzymes, Probiotics and etc.

Bulk – 10-20kg into cartons/sachets
Bottles – 300-1000gm
Boxes – 10-15gm/sachets x 30pcs