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THE 5-IN-ONE SPRAY THAT WORKS ! NEIBAC IS 1. Anti-microbial, 2. Anti-septic, 3. Anti-fungal, 4. Anti-rheumatic and 5. Anti-oxidant THIS PRODUCT CAN HELP YOU IN YOUR TREATMENT OF: ILLNESS Infections from: Parasites (single and multi-celled), Bacterial, Viral and Fungal. Candida … Continue reading

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THANKS TO PROTECUR100, I NEED NOT VISIT MY DOCTOR FOR ALL THE COMMON AILMENTS. “I have been taking PROTECUR100™ for quite some time now even though I was well and healthy. You see, I always believe in the old adage … Continue reading

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PROTECUR100™ is made from Pomelo Extracts. Pomelo is the largest member of the citrus fruits and grows throughout Asia, Malaysia, Tahiti, New Guinea, and Fiji. The fruit may be called pummelo, pommelo, shaddock, or jabong. The pomelo is also sweet, … Continue reading

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WHAT IS THE RECOMMENDED AMOUNT TO DRINK? For general health maintenance, it is recommended to drink 3 cups of PROTECUR100™ per day. The dilution is 1-2 drops per 100ml of water. One standard mug can contain 300ml of water when … Continue reading

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